season 31 | 2018-19

Atlantis: A Puppet Opera
September 01-29, 2018 | Ethos and The VORTEX
By Chad Salvata, Directed by Bonnie Cullum

October 04-07, 2018 | Canopy Theatre
A new play by Fares al Zahaby, performed by Nawar Bulbul.
One man struggles to break from tradition in an increasingly sectarian world. Introducing the complex religious and social nuances at work in pre-revolution Syria.

Until the Flood
October 26-November 11, 2018 | Theatre en Bloc
Written by Dael Orlandersmith, Directed by Jenny Lavery, Featuring Florinda Bryant

December 13-15, 2018 | Corps Multiple
Music, scenic, and choreographic conception by Sandie Donzica and François Minaux
Moving bodies, music, text, and lights evolve into spontaneous exchange in an eclectic performance on the themes of orphanage and identity.

The Muttcracker (SWEET!)
December 20, 2018-January 06, 2019 | Circus Chickendog
Written by Melissa Vogt and Darren Petersen, Composition by Tyler Mabry

January 17-February 9, 2019 | The VORTEX
NNPN Rolling World Premiere by Gabriel Jason Dean, Directed by Rudy Ramirez
Inspired by true events of American propaganda in Afghanistan, Heartland unfolds as an emotional journey through love and loss, an examination of culpability and, ultimately, a meditation on the power of forgiveness

February 15-16, 2019 | The VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and Performed by Nia & Ness
The dance-poetry of two black, out-lesbian women in a committed relationship. They bring us strong, intimate, and loving conversations about and influenced by their identities.

OUTsider Fest 2019 - Queeriosities
February 20-24, 2019 | Outsiderfest
Annual Festival and Conference celebrating the bold originality and creative nonconformity of the LGBTQ+ communities through film, dance, theatre, performance art, music, writing, and visual art.

Locus of Control
February 28-March 03, 2019 | The VORTEX
Written and Performed by Jason Bayani, Directed by Kat Evasco
Utilizing poetry, storytelling, music, and multimedia, Bayani explores the lives of Filipino immigrants in America through stories of his hip-hop inspired youth, club-going college days, and turbulent adulthood.

Dog Magic: Woman’s Best Friend
March 07-10, 2019 | The VORTEX Guest Artist
Performance Art by Rachel Martin and Suze Kemper
An audience interactive cabaret memoir about our love affairs with our many dogs over our lifetimes—funny, irreverent, entertaining, informative, spiritual, and moving.

Last: An Extinction Comedy
March 29-April 27, 2019 | The VORTEX
Conceived and Directed by Rudy Ramirez, Devised by the Ensemble
This is not just a story about death, for all stories about extinction are also stories about survival.

Memoirs and Amours
May 02-04, 2019 |
A new dance piece about how much our memories affect our human interactions.

May 09-18, 2019 | The VORTEX
Written and Performed by Jesus I. Valles, Directed by Rudy Ramirez
With a single phrase, you can give up your country. With a single signature, you can tear a family apart. With a single word, you can learn to transform.

Chickens in the Yard
May 24-June 01, 2019 | The VORTEX
A new play by Paul Kruse, Directed by Alice Stanley
The story of a family through the eyes of their four chickens. Exploring what a gay identity means for one couple as they journey from the families that raised them to the family they choose to create together.

black girl love
June 7-22, 2019 | GenEnCo
Directed by kt shorb, Adapted from Anondra 'Kat' Williams' black girl love by Alaina Monts
An adaptation of Williams' short stories and poetry, black girl love looks at the everyday lives of black queer women and non-binary people. It is a play about our relationships to love, sex, and obsession.

Alice in Wonderland; Summer Youth Theatre
July 19-27, 2019 | The VORTEX
Directed by Gabriel Maldonado
28th annual free theatre program for young professional teens.

The Donner Party Project
August 2-17, 2019 | Trouble Puppet and Mother Falcon
An Original Puppet Operetta
Based on the horrifying true story of a group of families immigrating to California in 1846.

The Mamalogues
August 23-September 7, 2019 | Color Arc Productions and The VORTEX
A new play by Lisa B. Thompson, Directed by Rudy Ramirez
A fiercely funny, intelligently relatable, powerful play centered on three black single mothers in the era of Black Lives Matter.

September 13-28, 2019 | ethos
Story by Melissa Vogt, Original Score by Chad Salvata, Directed by Bonnie Cullum
A dark and humorous tale about the secret lives of nursery rhyme characters, conveyed through a multi-disciplinary montage of original music, dance, mime, video, puppetry, shadow play, and spectacle.