SEASON 30: Thirty Years of Truth and Thunder

Storm Still
September 2017 | VORTEX
By Gabrielle Reisman, Directed by Rudy Ramirez.

October 2017 | VORTEX & ethos
A Gothic Opera by Chad Salvata, Directed by Bonnie Cullum
production photos

ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1
October 2017 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and Performed by Jade Esteban Estrada

Erzsebet Bathori’s Bloody Ball
October 2017 | VORTEX Fundraiser Event

P3M5 Plays
November 2017 | VORTEX
Curated by Dr. Heather Barfield

November 2017 | VORTEX Guest Artist

Wild Horses
November/December 2017 | VORTEX
By Allison Gregory, Directed by Rudy Ramirez 

Rob Nash’s Holy Cross Sucks!
December 2017 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Directed by Jeff Calhoun

The Muttcracker (Sweet!)
December 2017 | VORTEX & Chickendog
Written by Melissa Vogt, Tyler Mabry, and Darren Petersen, Directed by Anna Eisley

The Way She Spoke: A Docu-Mythologia
January 2018 | VORTEX
By Isaac Gomez, Directed by Rudy Ramirez, Starring Karen Rodriguez

893 / Ya-ku-za
January 2018 | GenEnCo
By Daria Miyeko Marinelli, Directed by kt shorb

OUTsider Fest 2018
February 2018 | Outsiderfest

Reveal All Fear Nothing: A Journey in Sex, Love, Porn, and Feminism
February 22-25, 2018 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written & Performed by Madison Young, Developed with Annie Sprinkle, Directed by Sophia LaPaglia

Cinema Dada
March 2018 | Electronic Planet Ensemble

Performance Park
March 2018 | VORTEX
Conceived and Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Devised by The VORTEX artistic ensemble
An immersive theatrical scavenger hunt encompassing the entire VORTEX compound with thematic games, intriguing riddles, Tarot Major Arcana characters, music, dance, and mystery. Choose your own adventure.

May 2018 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Choreography by Toni Bravo

Polly Mermaid
May 2018 | Glass Half Full Theatre
Directed by Caroline Reck, Written by Caroline Reck, Indigo Rael & Gricelda Silva

The Afterparty
June 2018 | Shrewd Productions
By Reina Hardy, Directed by Liz Fisher

She Kills Monsters : Summer Youth Theatre
July 2018 | VORTEX Summer Youth Theatre
By Qui Nguyen, Directed by Teresa Cruz

You and Me (But Mostly Me)--A Cabaret
July 2018 | VORTEX

August 2018 | VORTEX

August 2018 | VORTEX

Atlantis: A Puppet Opera
September 2018 | VORTEX & ethos