Mutt-Cracker (Sweet)

Mutt-Cracker (Sweet)


The Mutt-Cracker (SWEET!)

Presented by The VORTEX and Circus Chickendog


Circus Chickendog returns to The VORTEX with The Mutt-Cracker (SWEET!). For the 6th year, our favorite canines and circus artists transform The VORTEX for the holidays with a fabulously fun show for All Ages. 

This year’s production again stars five brilliant and talented rescue dogs with a talking scarlet macaw (Lauren Macaw) and juggling and unicycling (Darren Peterson). We are pleased to announce that VORTEX artists are also joining in the fun this year. Melissa Vogt has written an original script and is a featured performer, joined by Mick D’arcy, Patricia Wappner, and Sandie Donzica. Tyler Mabry creates live original music including bits of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite. Vikki Schwarz works with Tyler on the music. Set Design by Ann Marie Gordon. Lighting Design by Amy Lewis. Stage Management by Suzanne Smith.

The Mutt-Cracker (SWEET!) provides the most extraordinary original, holiday entertainment in Austin for the holidays  at The VORTEX.

About Circus Chickendog

Circus Chickendog is an Austin-based troupe that has been entertaining audiences for decades. Previously featured nationally on David Letterman, Pet Star, and Donny and Marie, Circus Chickendog performs regularly in Austin at The Institution Theater.

Six-time Ironman, Darren Peterson received a BS in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin after interrupting his college studies for two years to join the Royal Lichtenstein Circus where he was the main juggler and unicyclist. After graduation, Darren taught High School math for three years and worked as an editor of math textbooks for four years. While editing math books, Chicken Dog began winning Disc Dog competitions, and Darren combined her tricks with his circus skills and became so popular that he no longer had time to edit math books. Chicken Dog is very happy about this as now Darren has more time to play with her.

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