Gretchen Phillips.

Gretchen Phillips.



By Gretchen Phillips
Presented by The VORTEX


Gretchen Phillips VORTEX debut features original music and potent text, swirling with the turmoil of the political times and the sweetness of personal relationships. Produced in association with Women and Their Work. How sweet it is to love men when your investment is limited! Gretchen Phillips is a lesbian who has always loved men – as friends, as musical partners, as kinfolk, as idealized Christ figures, as brothers. In spite of stubble and sexism, Gretchen definitely needs her Vitamin M. So much that she has created a spoken and sung memoir chronicling her struggles and successes with Manlove.

ABOUT Gretchen Phillips

Born in Galveston, Texas to a musical family and began playing at a young age Gretchen's early bands Two Nice Girls and Girls in the Nose gained national attention for their unabashed lesbian-feminism and appeal to both straight and gay audiences. Two Nice Girls was especially influential as a pioneering openly queer and commercially successful act, winning a GLAAD media award in 1991 and establishing Gretchen's song "I Spent My Last $10 on Birth Control and Beer" as a classic. With the premature demise of both groups, Gretchen immediately began her restless solo career, which has included forays into disco, country, spoken word, rock and whatever else grows in her fertile mind. Her first performance memoir, Don't Stop Believing premiered in spring 2007 as part of The Rude Mechanicals’ Throws Like a Girl Series.