Vincent Mann

Vincent Mann


The Last Hippie: A Western Novel

Written and Performed by Vincent Mann
Directed by Rachel Rebecca Roy
Presented by VORTEX Repertory Company


The first baby boomers changed the world. They fought against a war, fought for civil rights, advocated tolerance, and delved into ecology. But what happened for the last of the baby boomers, those born in the late 50’s and early 60’s? Vincent Mann’s provocative new solo play, The Last Hippie: A Western Novel, explores the last of the baby boomers, coming of age in Texas in the 1970’s, long after early boomer heroes had changed the world. Mann offers a humorous look at their desperate attempts to find meaning in the meaningless 1970’s, to hold onto the “hippie” ideals they had embraced as children, and grapple with a rapidly changing world in a tumultuous era. The Zeitgeist of that restless time holds eerie parallels to today’s America, making this twisted tale refreshingly relevant.

To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson-- It’s another savage journey to the heart of the American Dream…further. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Vincent Mann has performed as an actor, musician, and even comedian for more than 30 years. A playwright and screenwriter for the last 15 years, The Last Hippie: A Western Novel is his third produced play, and his current film adaptation will be in production in the spring of 2011. Being born and raised in South Texas, where 3 cultures meet, informed all his creative work. Vincent now resides in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.