The Sun Also Rises in the East
Directed and written by Brian Shapiro
September 2002 | Cultureworks & VORTEX

Conversations at a Bathhouse Can Be Tricky
Jim Chappeleaux
September 2002 | VORTEX

Early Morning
Directed by Barry Pineo, Written by Edward Bond
October 2002 | VORTEX

Real Scary Stories
October 2002 | VORTEX

Directed by Lorella Loftus, Written by Liz Lochead
November 2002 | VORTEX

The Ratgirls' Holy Rockin' Christmas
Directed by Stephanie Towery
December 2002 | VORTEX

Holy Well & Sacred Flame
Directed by Bonnie Cullum
January 2003 | VORTEX

The Scarlet Letter
Directed by Michelle Fowler, Written by Phyllis Nagy
March 2003 | VORTEX

I Look Like an Egg but I Identify as a Cookie
March 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist Heather Gold

Black Tower
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Chad Salvata
April 2003 | Ethos & VORTEX

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus: High Heels & Red Noses
May 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist

Rob Nash's: Holy Cross Sucks!
May 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist Rob Nash

Red Hot Americans
Tim Miller, Karen Finley, Penny Arcade
July 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artists

Conference of the Birds
Directed by Wendy Goodwin, Written by Susan Estelle Kelso
July 2003 | VORTEX Summer Youth Theatre

Cake Boy
August 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist Greg Walloch

Norman Normal Saves the World
August 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist Rob Nash