SEASON 15 | MARCH 2003

Red Hot Americans: Performance from the Edge

Presented by the VORTEX In the spirit and tradition of American liberty and freedom of expression, VORTEX is proud to present new work by some of our nation’s most outspoken and controversial performance artists. Support the artists in all-American style. VORTEX has long been a leader in the Austin theatre and performance scene in presenting cutting-edge material that carries important messages for our times. Previously censured for their outspoken and sometimes graphic work, these performance artists let it all hang out at The VORTEX.

Make Love: Karen Finley
VORTEX sizzles with Karen Finley’s newest piece, Make Love, a new work that features Karen as Liza Minnelli with her special guests Chris Tanner (back-up singer for Cyndi Lauper) as Liza Minnelli on vocals and Lance Cruce (pianist for Joan Rivers) as Liza Minnelli at the piano.

Karen Finley has created her performance career by challenging the status quo, and now she brings her new work to The VORTEX for the week of the 4th of July . Celebrate America’s Independence with the freedom of Karen Finley’s amazing new show, Make Love. Previously performed only in New York and San Diego, Make Love is cabaret, emotional tirade, music, text, and searing political truths for these dark times.

US: Tim Miller
VORTEX Repertory Company presents Us, a brand new work by Tim Miller in Austin for three nights only. The VORTEX will be the second stop for internationally-acclaimed performance artist Tim Miller's brand new show which debuted in Atlanta in April. Fast, funny, and furious, US ricochets between Miller's lifelong love affair with Broadway musicals and an exploration of home, exile and the injustices lesbian and gay couples face in the good ol' USA. Us is a hilarious and pissed-off exploration of these American contradictions. Teetering on the edge of
exile from his own country in order to stay with his partner, Tim Miller explores queer identity and politics with bold truth and dynamic performance. As always, nudity too.

A true friend and champion of The VORTEX, Tim Miller written and performed numerous shows at The VORTEX including Glory Box (00), Shirts & Skin (98), Naked Breath (94), Stretch Marks (93), My Queer Body (92), Sex, Love Stories (91).

New York Values: Penny Arcade
The VORTEX is proud to host Penny’s solo debut in Austin. New York Values is about the commodification of rebellion, marketed youth culture and aging, the loss of individualism in America, the death of bohemia. Developed over the past two years, she has previously presented this piece to rave reviews in Edinburgh (earning the Devil Award for breakthrough performance), New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Penny Arcade has been performing extensively for decades, collaborating with many great artists including Andy Warhol, John Vaccaro, Jack Smith, Jackie Curtis, Charles Ludlam, H.M. Koutoukas, Tom O’ Horgan, and Quentin Crisp. She has created solo and group work including A Quiet Night with Sid and Nancy, Based on a True Story, Invitation to the Beginning of the End of the World, Las Miseria, Love, Sex, and Sanity, Bad Reputation, BITCH! DYKE! FAGHAG! WHORE!, and The Last Will and Testament of Quentin Crisp. Most recently Penny Arcade has been creating new work with dance and performance companies in Europe. Penny is a tireless artist advocate and free speech activist.