My Big Fat Bahookie is an original comedy about body image, self-esteem, diets, and the diet industry.  Conceived and written by Lorella Loftus, the show presents a positive message that self-esteem is more important than social approval. April 2017

Taking Shakespeare to new heights, Renaissance Austin Theatre in a unique collaboration with Sky Candy Aerial and Circus Arts Collective, presents a magical, fantastical journey through Prospero’s island, where spirits soar through the air and nothing is quite as it seems. April 2016

The Madwoman of Chaillot was first performed in 1945, this new translation by Professor Laurence Senelick provides pertinent insights for our times. Summer Youth Theatre 2016

This romantic comedy presents a funny, modern, and refreshing look at an ancient tale. Mick D’arcy has re-visioned Greek mythology with a poignant exploration of the relationship of Hades and Persephone. April 2016

Thamyris claimed he could make art superior to the Muses’ and failed. After defeating him, they sentenced him to an eternity in Hell. However, eternity is a long time, and now The Muses give Thamyris one last chance to redeem himself. August 2013

An intimate family drama haunted by the traumas of race and class in the South, Terminus is another visceral and heartbreaking chapter in Gabriel Jason Dean’s cycle of plays about the Georgia working class, January 2016