The Rocky Horror Show
Directed by Bonnie Cullum; Written by Richard O'Brien
October 1991 | VORTEX

Intimate Dance, A Duel
Written and Directed by Toni Bravo
November 1991 | VORTEX & Kinesis

20th Century Angst
November 1991 | VORTEX Guest Artist Dave Cooke

Future Mix
Directed by Steve Bacher; Written by Barry Pineo
December 1991 | VORTEX

East Narcissus
Written by Carl Settles Jr.
January 1992 | VORTEX

Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love
Directed by Scott Shattuck, Written by Brad Fraser
January 1992 | VORTEX

Out of a Time of Plague
Written Directed by Steve Bailey
January 1992 | Jump-Start & VORTEX

Table Manners
Directed by Paul Garlinghouse, Written by Alan Ayckbourne
February 1992 | VORTEX Electric Company

Tear Sheets: Letters I Didn't Send Home
February 1992 | VORTEX Guest Artist Joan Hotchkiss

King Lear
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Shakespeare
April 1992 | VORTEX

Directed by Steve Bacher, Written by Barry Pineo
May 1992 | VORTEX

Small Craft Warnings
Directed by Bill Jay, Written by Tennessee Williams
May 1992 | VORTEX Electric Company

Aunt Betty Stories
June 1992 | VORTEX Guest Artist Sheila Kathryn Jackson

Directed by Linda Nenno, Written by Eugène Ionesco
July 1992 | VORTEX Summer Youth

My Queer Body
August 1992 | VORTEX Guest Artist Tim Miller

The Odd Couple (The Female Version)
Directed by Andrew Johnson, Written by Neil Simon
August 1992 | VORTEX Electric Company