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SEASON 31 | June 2019

Phantom Cornucopia
A Music Release Party

Presented by Ethos and The VORTEX

Chad Salvata, Ethos Artistic Director, manifests an extraordinary music release event for this newest Ethos CD. In addition to the new CD with its stunning booklet of images, the original Phantom Cornucopia collages will be on display on The Eloise Stage for closer viewing. Salvata will perform “Jezebel Spirit” live as the highlight of the event.


Vocalists: Chad Salvata, Justin LaVergne, Anderson Dear, Amanda Clifton, Melissa Vogt, Eryn Gettys, and Mick D’arcy
Musicians: Chad Salvata, Rachel Fuhrer, and Sergio R. Samayoa

Funded and supported in part by VORTEX Repertory Company and by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.