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The Mamalogues
August 23-September 7, 2019

Written by Lisa B. Thompson
Directed by Rudy Ramirez

From the award-winning writer of Single Black Female, Underground, and Monroe, comes a new play about the exhilaration and exhaustion that comes from being a black single mother in America: The Mamalogues. Lauren, Beverley and Tasha have great careers they love and amazing children they adore, but they don't "have it all." During a single mother’s retreat, they share their angst about racial profiling on the playground, their child being the “only one” at school, and the politics of soccer in the ‘hood. This satirical comedy reveals the lives of black mothers as they lean in, stress out, and guide their precocious black children from diapers to college in a dangerous world.  


Yvonne Oaks (Lauren), Valoneecia Tolbert (Beverly), MelodyAnn Fullylove (Tasha)


Playwright: Lisa B. Thompson, Director: Rudy Ramirez, Producers: Christine Hoang & Bonnie Cullum, Dramaturg: Virginia Grise, Stage Manager: Cortney DeAngelo, Scenic Designer: Megan Kemp, Lighting Designer: Patrick Anthony, Props Designer: Cortney DeAngelo, Sound/Media Designer: Johann Mahler, Graphic Designer: Melissa Vogt, Community Outreach Coordinator: Jeremy Rashad Brown, Videographer: Jose Lozano, Photographer: Steve Rogers, Digital Watercolor: Terese DeVries 

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