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AUGUST 2-17, 2019

Written and Directed by Connor Hopkins
Music by Mother Falcon

Trouble Puppet Theater Company, in collaboration with Mother Falcon, presents American Blood Song: A Puppet Operetta of The Donner Party. This tale of the Donner Party is rife with the privilege, entitlement, and hubris that leads to nation building, and sometimes cannibalism. This elaborately staged theatrical exploration of a pivotal moment in history features precise and expressive puppetry, singing, live music, media integration, and an original score by Austin’s celebrated orchestral band, Mother Falcon.


Zac Crofford, Caroline Reck, Marina DeYoe-Pedraza, Indigo Real, Jay Young, Zac Carr, and Melissa Vogt.


lead by Writer/Director Connor Hopkins includes Emily Weerts, Victoria Schwarz, Monica Pasut, Eliot Haynes, Chris Owen, and Talena Martinez. 

ABOUT Trouble puppet THEATRE

Trouble Puppet Theater Company is dedicated to the creation of exceptional works of puppet theater, the promotion of the art of puppetry, and the support of its practitioners. We dig as deeply as we can into the possibilities that puppetry offers, in its many forms and styles, and seek to balance risk and exploration with a drive for excellent craft and technique. Our work is inspired not only by our artistic passion but by our social, political, and human convictions: that there can be no end to the struggle for knowledge and compassion, against injustice and intolerance—and boring theater.

ABOUT mother falcon

Mother Falcon is a symphonic rock band from Austin, Texas, known for their wide-ranging instrumentation and collaborative songwriting.