Austin Seance: Albert Lucio & Jake Dyer

Austin Seance: Albert Lucio & Jake Dyer

SEASON 30 | October 2017

The Austin Séance


Ever wonder what exists on the other side?

Venture into the gloom with Austin Séance hosts Albert Lucio and Jake D. Cordero as they examine the history of the American spiritualist movement, demonstrate tools used by working mediums and then employ those tools in a modern recreation of an old-time séance.

The Austin Séance has been featured inTexas Monthly, the Texas Standard radio program, KUTX and KOOP. This year’s Halloween sittings will be heldin the intimate Pony Shed, located in the courtyard of the Vortex, 2307 Manor Road.  Space is very limited.

About Albert Lucio and Jake D. Cordero

Jake D. Cordero, an award-winning journalist, has reported on everything from cult murders in Mexico to spirit hauntings in Fort Worth. He is a longtime student of magic and philosophy, and the author of two books. In recent years Mr. D has worked closely with The Girl Who Knows, an Austin street psychic.

Things that go bump in the night have always fascinated Albert Lucio. With a degree in sociology and psychology, Albert has set out to understand how we shape and are shaped by supernatural beliefs. He has spent years studying ghost hunters, consorting with psychics and researching the occult. 

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