The Fool. Photo by Errich Petersen.

The Fool. Photo by Errich Petersen.

SEASON 30 | march 2018

Performance Park
March 23-May 12, 2018

Conceived and Directed by Bonnie Cullum
Check-in: 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, 8:00, 8:15 pm*
ASL-Interpreted Saturday, April 7-- Free to deaf and hard-of- hearing audiences.

Pass through the Gates of Mystery and Imagination and into a world of multi-layered games to be won, intriguing riddles to be unraveled, and stories to be explored. Along the way, we work together to disrupt hierarchies of power and restore balance.

Performance Park is a totally unique experience in Austin theater, a community event that bursts past the boundaries of the Vortex’s stage to dominate its entire complex and create a must-visit destination . . . future events in Austin theater will be measured against the magic of this moment.
— Andrew J. Friedenthal, Austin 360

Unlike anything you have ever experienced, Performance Park is an interactive game, an original musical, an art installation, and a magical divination through Tarot. But like an amusement park or national park you may take in as much or as little of Performance Park as you wish. Dress up in a costume, wander the grounds, unlock the mysteries, play games on the Midway, sing songs in the bar, seek entry to the Magician’s Sanctum, or stand back and watch the characters sing, dance, and play from afar.  Choose your own Adventure!

And of course, you may return again and again until May 12 in order to take in even more of Performance Park.

30 Years of Truth and Thunder at The VORTEX continues as we roar into 2018 with the grandest endeavor that The VORTEX has ever created. Performance Park presents an immersive theatrical scavenger hunt encompassing the entire VORTEX compound and featuring music, dance, mystery, and the embodied archetypes of the Tarot Major Arcana.


    The Cast features VORTEX veterans Melissa Vogt as Baba Yaga/High Priestess, Patricia Wappner as Temperance, Gabriel Maldonado as Emperor, Chelsea Manasseri as Justice, Trey Deason as Devil, Content Love Knowles as Death, Tyler Mabry as Chariot, Jesus Valles and Samuel Grimes as Wheel of Fortune, Heidi Penix as Hermit, Eryn Gettys as Hierophant, Alex Cogburn as Fool, Jennifer Coy Jennings as Queen of Cups, Annie Kim Hedrick as Queen of Wands, Sandie Donzica as Star, Andy Agne as Tower, Micah Gause as Hanged One, Lori Navarrete as Moon, Susan Bennett as Queen of Pentacles, Oktavea Williams as Queen of Swords, Traci Laird and Marliza Mendez as Lovers, Toni Baum as Judgement, and Tiffany Nicely-Williams as Empress. Kristin DeGroot as Strength, Mary Ochoa as Sun, Michelé Crowder as Gaia/World, Sarah Abrahiem as Magician, and Ali Marie Stuckey as the Knight of Wands make their VORTEX debut.


    Bonnie Cullum, VORTEX Producing Artistic Director, conceived and directs Performance Park. Writing and dramaturgy by Sarah Saltwick, Lorella Loftus, Teresa Cruz, Bonnie Cullum, and the Ensemble. Original Music and Sound Design by Chad Salvata, David DeMaris, Tyler Mabry, and Sergio R. Samayoa. Choreography by Toni Bravo. Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon and Griffon Ramsey. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony. Costume Design by Pam Fletcher Friday. Prop Design by Helen Parish. Makeup Design by Amelia Turner. Assistant Direction by Dillon Yruegas, Rudy Ramirez, Anna Eisley, and Teresa Cruz. Stage Management by Tamara L. Farley. Production Management by Jennifer Rogers. Water Engineering by Kenneth Gall. Photography by Errich Petersen. Video documentation by Jose Lozano, Magic Spoon Productions.

    Toolkits: $35-$15

    • $35 Oracle, $25 Expert, $15 Novice
      A toolkit is required to maximize the experience of Performance Park. Oracles receive the most advanced information and perks.
    • Advanced Reservations Recommended to guarantee admission at your desired time. 
    • Please note that the entry times vary. Limited admission for each time slot. Advanced purchase strongly recommended to secure desired admission time.
    • Radical Rush Free Tickets: Limited free tickets for each performance in the spirit of sustainability, accessibility, and the gift economy. Radical Rush tickets released at 7pm each night-in- person only.
    • Blue Star Theatre: Discounts for Military, Veterans, and their families

      Funded and supported in part by VORTEX Repertory Company, a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts, and by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.