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Painting and Drawing Classes
in The Garden with Megan + Boris


Join Megan Kemp and Boris Vindou for beginner and advanced level drawing and painting classes at the The Vortex!  Classes will be on the shady upper deck. Enjoy the lovely butterfly garden while diving in and improving your skills! As a lovely bonus, coupons for drinks and plays will be given out during class.

Megan Kemp is an up and coming painter and scenic artist at The VORTEX and a student at UT. Initially employed at the theatre as a work study student, Megan has become an indispensable addition to our design team and assists Ann Marie Gordon, Senior Scenic Designer, on almost every project. She has teamed up with Boris Vindou to raise money for a trip to Belgium, Spain, France and Africa this Summer. They both have hopes of teaching more classes in the future.