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20,000 Legs Under the Sea

    After every lunar eclipse, the denizens of the deep gather to celebrate and grow their ranks. The mermaids and sirens venture onto land to mate and feed. A select few may be brought before Poseidon himself! Join us for this fun-filled naughty nautical adventure with burlesque, vocal, and dance performances.

    All mer-folk welcome! We'll have our tails, will you have yours?Audience members are encouraged to dress up for our splashy soirée!


    Alexander the Great
    Amelie Ahmose
    Blaise Ricin
    Blu Luminance
    Carmen Take-It
    Coco Lectric
    Fawn D. Lightly
    Gio Palacino
    Godiva Morte
    Isadora LaFae
    Oliver Cravings
    The Mistress of Musicality Muses

    production CREW

    Produced by Coco Lectric. Burlesque solos by the individual soloists.

    This project is supported in part by The Austin Academy of Burlesque ( and the VORTEX Repertory Company.  Mistress of Musicality Productions is a proud member of the Austin Burlesque Alliance.