Robin Hood: An Elegy

By Krysta Gonzales with portions devised by the Ensemble*
Directed by kt shorb
Presented by Generic Ensemble Company & The VORTEX

Robin Hood: An Elegy follows a Black Robin Hood who magically transcends space and time experiencing state-sanctioned racism. Set both 2015 and the past, Robin’s plight hails #blacklivesmatter in a struggle to assert humanity, dignity, and cunning against long-standing foes. In an age-old fight against white supremacy for justice and freedom, will Robin prevail?


Althea Clemons, Morgan Robyn Collado, Marina DeYoe-Pedraza, Chelsea Manasseri, Cameron McKnight, Tonya Pennie, Saray de Jesus Rosales, and Taji Senior.


Directed by kt shorb. Dramaturgy by Anthony Watkins II and Toi Scott. Lighting Design by Paige Binder. Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon. Sound Design by Kendra Dobson. Puppetry by Love & Monsters Puppet Co. Stage Management by Tamara L. Farley.

Robin Hood: An Elegy is funded and supported in part by VORTEX Repertory Company, the Texas Commission on the Arts and by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.