SEASON 27 | april 2015

Salvador Dali’s Naked Feast A performance installation cocktail party

Conceived and Directed by Bonnie Cullum
Presented by The VORTEX

The performance is “museum style”. Audience may come and go anytime from 8-10pm during the Naked Feast. Mature Audiences only—because, duh---NAKED Feast. Salvador Dali is coming to The VORTEX. Bring on your surreal as we enter Dali’s universe with a performance installation cocktail party evoking and embodying his aesthetic and artistry. The performance installation includes live painting, live music, tango, human canvas, photo ops, Instagram contest, Dali’s original Casanova Cocktail, delicious food art, and naked women. Yes, Dali’s Naked Feast is an opportunity to graze from artfully designed food art on beautiful naked bodies. These hors d’oeuvres are designed with the culinary magic of our favorite chefs, Nic Patrizi and Gina Burchenal, and feature vegan, meat, and gluten free options. The Butterfly Bar will be serving up the Casanova Cocktail from Dali’s very own recipe. And we know that you won’t want to miss Ann Marie Gordon (VORTEX award-winning scenic designer) painting large ants on the wall as part of the performance.

The audience will have opportunities to observe or participate in an outrageous blend of spectacle, food, art, and dream. The installation will be in the theatre at The VORTEX from 8-10pm for 3 nights only. Visitors to the Naked Feast may come and go during these 2 hours each night.

Recommended Audience Attire: Cocktail, hats, furs, jewels, and retro (or nothing at all).

Salvador Dali’s Naked Feast is not a traditional seated event. Audience will stand, move, and mingle. There will be limited seating for those who need it.

Performers: Gabriel Maldonado, Betsy McCann, Melissa Vogt, Michelle Haché, Toni Bravo, Krysta Gonzales, Anderson Dear, Joanna Wright, Milton Villeda, Patricia Wappner, Nickclette Izuegbu, Steven Fay, Krystle Kelley, Chad Salvata. Stage Management by Tamara L. Farley.

Directed by Bonnie Cullum. Designed by Ann Marie Gordon and Jason Amato. Food Art Design by Nic Patrizi and Gina Burchenal.

The VORTEX is funded and supported in part by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts and by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.