Elizabeth: Heart of a King

A new play by Lorella Loftus
Presented by the VORTEX


Elizabeth I was one of the most luminous, fascinating, and formidable women in history. Experience her as she has never been seen before in Elizabeth: Heart of a King, a new play by Lorella Loftus. This production explores the formative times in her life as a young woman and the main events of her life as a queen and as an icon. A woman of contradictions, Elizabeth was brave and vulnerable, intelligent and ambivalent, flirtatious and icy, and fundamentally, very human. Three different women play Elizabeth at different stages of her life-- a lone woman struggling to retain her political and personal power in a male-dominated world. Henry VIII, Thomas Seymour, Robert Dudley, and William Cecil are just some of the men who had a major influence on her life who appear in the play.


Directed by Lorella Loftus. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony. Sound Design by David DeMaris.