SEASON 24 | MARCH 2012

Elizabeth: Heart of a King

A new play by Lorella Loftus
Presented by the VORTEX


Elizabeth I was one of the most luminous, fascinating, and formidable women in history.  A woman of contradictions, Elizabeth was brave and vulnerable, intelligent and ambivalent, flirtatious and icy, and fundamentally, very human. 

This workshop production explores the formative times in her life as a young woman and the main events of her life as a queen and as an icon. Three different women play Elizabeth at different stages of her life-- a lone woman struggling to retain her political and personal power in a male-dominated world. Henry VIII, Thomas Seymour, Robert Dudley, and William Cecil are just some of the men who had a major influence on her life who appear in the play.


Angela Loftus, Lorella Loftus, and Rae Petersen as the three Elizabeths. With Richard Dodwell, Derek Jones, Ben Weaver, and Sebastian Garcia. Peggy Schott, Tiffany Slay, Mindy Rast-Keenan, Lance Barnett and Ken Ramsey.


Directed by Lorella Loftus. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony. Sound Design by David DeMaris.