Celeste Bliss. Poster and Photography by Kimberley Mead.

Celeste Bliss. Poster and Photography by Kimberley Mead.

SEASON 23 | February 2011


Conceived and Directed by Bonnie Cullum
Music by Chris Humphrey
Devised by the Ensemble
Presented by The VORTEX


AIR celebrates the gifts and stories of Air through dance, song, poetry, and sacred intention. AIR features aerial dance, live music, poetic narrative, and illuminating imagery on a multi-level playground. Environmental themes focus on the precious Elemental Forces of Air. AIR is the first in a unique series of five sacred elemental explorations (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit) to be created collaboratively with performers and designers over the next several years at The VORTEX.

Fresh Breezes. Heavenly Song.
Fearless Flying.
Storm Winds. Gentle Floating.
Sweet Scent.
Pulsating Didgeridoo. Glowing Sunrise.
Soaring Eagle. Starfinder.


Gabriel Maldonado, Betsy McCann, Andy Agne, Jennifer Coy, Krysta Gonzales, Justin LaVergne, Alejandro Rodriguez, Celeste Bliss, Bethany Summersizzle, Courtney Brock, Joanna Wright, Kylie Baker, Jenny Lavery, and Carole Metellus.


Conceived and Directed by Bonnie Cullum. Musical composition, direction, and performance by Chris Humphrey. Aerial Choreography by Andy Agne. Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony and Jason Amato. Costume Design by Talena Martinez. Makeup Design by Helen Hutka. Sound Design by Roy Taylor. Graphic Design, Production and PR Photography by Kimberley Mead. Stage Management by Tamara L. Farley.


B. Iden Payne Awards
Outstanding Original Score

The Elementals: AIR is funded in part by VORTEX Repertory Company, the City of Austin under the auspices of the Austin Arts Commission, and the Texas Commission on the Arts.