Julia Lorenz. Photo by Kimberley Mead.

Julia Lorenz. Photo by Kimberley Mead.

SEASON 22 | APRIL 2010

Sleeping Beauty

by Bonnie Cullum and Content Love Knowles
presented by The VORTEX Repertory Company

“Brothers Grimm, move over. There’s a new interpretation of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on the block — at the Vortex theater through May 2, that is. And this one — garnished with spectacular costumes, reinvented characters and engaging original songs — is more likely to appeal to the modern crowd”. --Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin American-Statesman.

Cullum and Knowles first created Sleeping Beauty in 2005, in a heart-felt version that played to packed houses, adoring fans, and young princesses. Now, they have re-worked the original with revised text and music, new songs, a contemporary design, and all-new stellar cast.

With its first-ever NEA-funded production, the artists of VORTEX Repertory Company have created larger-than-life costumes for the 13 Faeries and the Royal Court, a revolving spiral tower, and fantastical lighting. This dynamic production provides a feminist, revisionist, re-telling of this well-beloved faery tale. Join us as the magic of the mythic kingdom of Avalia comes to life in song and spectacle.


Andy Agne, Dara Allen, Christina Childress, Jen Coy, Shannon Davis, Tamara Farley, Suzanne Balling, Krysta Gonzalez, Jonathan Itchon, Justin LaVergne, Julia Lorenz, Betsy McCann, Chelsea Manasseri, Kira Parra, Mindy Rast, Alejandro Rodriguez, Adam Smith, Andrea Smith, and Steve Williams. Live music performed by Content Love Knowles, Chris Humphrey, Ed Kliman, and Terri Lord.


Conceived and directed by Bonnie Cullum. Musical Direction by Content Love Knowles. Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon. Lighting Design by Jason Amato. Costume Design by Pam Fletcher Friday and Griffon Ramsey. Sound Design by Roy Taylor. Photography by Kimberley Mead.


Nominated for 3 Austin Critics' Table Awards
Acting in a Supporting Role (Julia Lorenz);
Lighting Design; Costume Design

Nominated for 8 B. Iden Payne Awards
Production of Music Theatre; Director of Music Theatre; Set Design; Lighting Design; Costume Design; Music Director; Original Score; Outstanding Cast or Ensemble Performance

Sleeping Beauty is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division, by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.