Photo: Holly Rutherford as "Wonder Momma"!

Photo: Holly Rutherford as "Wonder Momma"!

SEASON 22 | MAY 2010

Maternal Instincts Projects:
Exploring Unique Perspectives on Motherhood

Produced & Directed By Holly Rutherford


The 2nd Annual Maternal Instincts Project is an ongoing play-project produced and directed by Holly Rutherford. The performance is based on the stories and memoirs of women and mothers with varying cultural backgrounds, who have vastly differing experiences, and who are in different stages of life. The play features the stories of motherless mothers, surrogate mothers, mothers of children with disabilities, moms of multiples, and more. Cast members for this year's 2010 performance include Holly Rutherford, Kara White, Adriane Deveney, and guest artist, Josie Mixon.

The play promotes greater understanding and empathy for different women’s experiences with motherhood. The project is also a unique way to honor and celebrate women in celebration of Mother's Day. The project was created to inspire mothers and women to share their unique journeys through written, videotaped, and/or audio taped submissions. The goal of this project is to collect more stories and grow the show each year.