Presented by Electronic Planet Ensemble in association with VORTEX


Electronic Planet Ensemble presents SPACEMAN:DADA:ROBOT, a multi-media environment of sight, sound and words to celebrate the meaning of the universe and all of the creatures in it.

Ponder the meaning of life with existential robots, go swimming through the stars with a space whale, and go zooming through non-sequiturs and hyperbole as Spaceman looks for the woman of his dreams, Starwoman. Space travel. It gets you out of the house. It gets you out of this world. And it just might get you out of your mind.

SPACEMAN:DADA:ROBOT is a multi-media event/performance created by collaborative improv and synergistic dada epiphanies; music, video and words created in jam sessions and brain storm singularities by Sergio R. Samayoa, David Jewell, Chad Salvata, and Rachel Fuhrer will entertain, amuse, and possibly inform (many actual facts about space will be included).

About The Electronic Planet Ensemble

Electronic Planet Ensemble evolved in the 1990’s as a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team of artists who created six fully-realized multi-disciplinary works: Alien Experiments, Atomic Experiments, Animal Experiments, The Apocalytes, The Tetragons, and InCarNation. Each project was a collaborative work between musicians, poets, video artists, actors, and technicians. They were performed in Austin at The Planet Theatre, The VORTEX, and Hyde Park Theatre, and at a multi-media arts festival at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, Maine. Previous work has been recognized by the South by Southwest Interactive Festival and favorably reviewed by the Austin Chronicle and The Austin American Statesman.

About the artistic collaborators of Electronic Planet Ensemble

David Jewell has lived in Austin and performed his poetry in many forms and at many venues for the past 25 years. He opened for Laurie Anderson at the Paramount Theatre, and opened for Leon Redbone, Lydia Lunch, and the Lounge Lizards at the Cactus Cafe. His poem "delusion angel" is featured in Richard Linklater's film "Before Sunrise", and he appears as himself in another Linklater film, "Waking LIfe".

Sergio R. Samayoa has written original music and sound design for over 50 theatre shows as company member of the Vortex Repertory Company between 1990 and 2000 and won several awards for best sound design including the B. Iden Payne First Choice Award and the Austin Critics’ Table award. Many of his credits include original music for dancer/choreographer Andrea Ariel and her company Ariel Dance Theatre. He has also been guest artist composing original music at the Mcneese State University theatre department.

Chad Salvata has been creating visionary new operas and performance installations for the past 20 years. Salvata is extensively trained and experienced as a composer, musician, visual artist and designer, and dancer. He is best known for his epic cybernetic operas: Elytra, Triskelion, Panoptikon, and The Black Blood. These operas featured amazing science fiction costumes, elegant scenery, spectacular lighting, and provocative sexual and mythological content. He received Austin Critics’ Table and B. Iden Payne Awards for Outstanding Original Score for The Dragonfly Princess, Vampyress, and Pythia Dust.