Andy Agne. Photo by Kimberley Mead.

Andy Agne. Photo by Kimberley Mead.

SEASON 21 | May 2009


By Bonnie Cullum and Content Love Knowles
Directed by Bonnie Cullum
Presented by the VORTEX

Reawaken your love affair with the Ocean.

From the makers of Sleeping Beauty and Dark Goddess comes a spell-binding new theatrical work that celebrates stories of the Ocean. Follow the journey of “Child of the Gulf” as she encounters powerful oceanic deities and otherworldly spirits from diverse global mythologies. Join her as she meets the Mer, the Sirens, Olokun, the Selkie, Lakshmi, Hine Moana, Sedna, Pele, and Chalchiuhtlicue. This extraordinary cast of mystical characters lures the spectator to dive deep and discover treasures within the history, magic, and exploration of the precious Ocean. All Oceans are one Ocean.


Andy Agne, Jonathan Blackwell, Barton Bryan, Jennifer Coy, Katherine Craft, Karina Dominguez, Betsy McCann, Gabriel Maldonado, Rachel Martsolf, Kimberley Mead, Kira Parra, Brenna Pritchard, Kimberly Pruit, Mindy Rast, Yvonne Reed.


Directed Bonnie Cullum. Music Content Love Knowles. Watery set by Ann Marie Gordon. Lighting by Jason Amato. Costumes by Talena Martinez. Rain falling from the INSIDE of The VORTEX by Kenneth Gall. Sound by Roy Taylor.


B. Iden Payne Award for Sound Design: Roy Taylor