Rob Nash

Rob Nash

SEASON 21 | MARCH 2009

A Comedy About The Tragedy of High School

Written and performed by Rob Nash | Directed by Jeff Calhoun
Presented by Rob Nash & the VORTEX


Playwright/Performer, Rob Nash in conjunction with Tony Award Nominated Director, Jeff Calhoun present Holy Cross Sucks!, a comic journey through those unforgettable years of high school, starring Rob Nash as an ensemble cast that includes “the virgin”, “the nerd”, “the homo”, “the punk”, “the fat kid”, and “the slut.” Welcome back to the 80’s and the formative years that traumatized us all!

In the spirit of teen film classics Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Holy Cross Sucks! follows three best friends as they navigate those painful, life-defining, and humiliating years of high school. We're never as vulnerable and as vicious, as beautiful and as ugly, as idealistic and apathetic, and as vain and as humble as when we're adolescents. Playing a full cast of beloved and reviled characters, Nash explores these paradoxes with biting humor, insight, and a killer soundtrack.

“A comic escapade, with a teeming cast of richly detailed characters engaged in a breakneck series of amusing rites of passage.” -Austin Chronicle

Holy Cross Sucks! Rob Nash's infectious solo show, based on his years at a Jesuit high school in Texas, mines the 1980's for pop-culture references and for John Hughes-style narrative devices. But the nostalgia goes deeper than Izod and "Purple Rain" in this unexpectedly rich coming-of-age tale, made all the warmer by Mr. Nash's cool, unflappable demeanor.” -New York Times

“Nash clearly loves his wannabe rebels. As a performer and writer, his virtuosic peaks come when the boys share private moments, and he flickers between them with impeccable precision. Holy Cross Sucks may be the perfect vehicle for Nash's undeniable acting talent… Nash… up there alone, displaying his prowess to the world.” - Variety