A Thought in Three Parts

A Thought in Three Parts

SEASON 19 | MAY 2007

A Thought in Three Parts

By Wallace Shawn
Directed by Carlos Treviño
Presented by Rubber Repertory


"The play has not been revived and stands as a permanent challenge to anyone who has the attitude that anything can be revived...the play can now almost not be read." -W.D. King, Writing Wrongs: The Work of Wallace Shawn

“If you want to do A Thought in Three Parts , you’d be a pioneer, my good man!”
— Wallace Shawn to Rubber Rep co-director Josh Meyer

Rubber Repertory is proud to present the U.S. premiere of Wallace Shawn's A Thought In Three Parts, a trio of plays exploring the lonely underside of sex, love, and all that falls between. When it premiered in London in 1977, the show was attacked by critics, investigated by the Attorney General, and almost shut down in the middle of its sold-out run.

As the evening progresses from a hotel room in a foreign country to a dimly lit youth hostel to the breakfast nook of a man named Mr. Frivolous, questions of coupling are unraveled. Where do loving and loathing intersect? Will personalities ever mix as conveniently as anatomies? If everyone's so tired, why can't anyone sleep? Alternately elegant and excessive, unsettling and wildly funny, A Thought in Three Parts has been called "a tour de force of gratification denied."


Adriene Mishler, Mark Stewart, Josh Meyer, Rosaruby Glaberman, Kelli Bland, Matt Hislope, Steven Laing, and David Yeakle.


Directed by Carlos Treviño, Matt Hislope, Josh Meyer. Scenic Design by Chase Staggs. Lighting Design by Steve Shirey. Costume Design by Brigette Hutchison


Nominated for 4 B. Iden Payne Awards:
Outstanding Production of a Comedy;
Outstanding Director of a Comedy;
Special Outstanding Ensemble Performance;
Featured Actress in of a Comedy: Adriene Mishler.
Winner of for 2 Austin Critics Table Awards
Comedy Production
Direction:Carlos Treviño, Matt Hislope, and Josh Meyer

About Rubber Repertory

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