SEASON 18 | JULY 2006

ReppyToire: A Tour de Farce

Presented by the VORTEX


In 1991, Standing-Room-Only crowds at Austin's famed Chicago House were introduced to an entertainer known only as Reppy, a native New Yorker who took Austin by storm with her outrageously funny one-woman show, "Do I Need To Talk About That For Three Hours?" The late great John Bustin, the Dean of Austin Theatre Critics, praised Reppy and the "…ample evidence of her surging popularity." During a long hiatus from performing, Reppy raised a daughter, wrote a book about relationships, released a CD of her piano solos, and became a playwright, producer, and theatre director, spearheading the successful and highly innovative drama program at The Austin Waldorf High School.

After years of haranguing by her loyal fans, Reppy is staging her long-awaited comeback (pun most definitely intended) at The VORTEX. Her one-woman show provides a unique blend of character comedy and voices, alternating between more than 20 different Personas. Don’t miss the debut of Reppy’s hilarious new show!

ReppyToire: A Tour de Farce, offers the following iron-clad guarantees:

  • 30% less fat and 46% more soluble fiber than previous shows
  • Absolutely no hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or high-fructose corn syrup
  • Easy to swallow and digest
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • All ingredients 100% pure, fresh, organic, and unprocessed
  • Some of the characters include:

Shorty: Owner of "Tarantula Ranch", home of the "Urbal Cowboy" line of health-care products
Agatha Higglebotham: Singing Coach to the Stars
Mavis Randall: Hottest 85 year old Stand-up Comic in town
Nancy Schwartz: Host of the love advice show "Popular Problems"
Trooper "Bubba" Ray Wilson: Color Police—“Don’t Drink and Dress”
Madame Reppina: World's Greatest Psychic
Rachel Caroline Ainsley and her Mom: 6 1/2 years old and Gifted
Penelope Worthington Dryforthe: Etiquette for The Masses
Carla Anna Maria Francesca Gabriella Rigoletti: Host of "Consumer Tip Update"
The Mold Spore Sings Greatest Broadway Show Tunes