Manchild in the Wasteland

Written & Performed by Barton Guy Bryan
Presented by the VORTEX


Ever dream of joining the Peace Corps? Ever wonder what Africa is really like? Barton Bryan tells the story of his turbulent experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer struggling to find a home in a West African Village. His romantic ideals propel him to go "suck the marrow out of Life!" and where he finds himself is Diadjibine, a small village where he must deal with the harsh reality of the deserts of Africa. In the midst of his chaos and confusion, he is befriended by a small African boy named Sidi who helps Barton to love and fight for what is good in his new home.


Barton Bryan, who currently studies acting in New York City, is a native of Northern California. He grew up in Davis, CA and received his BA in Opera Performance from California State University at Northridge. After a year in France and two trips to Morocco, Barton fell in love with Africa. Immediately after graduation, he set out for a two-year-long assignment with the Peace Corps. He returned in 2003. After a year of working with at-risk youth, Barton moved to NYC where he studies under Maggie Flanigan at her acting studio and performs his one-man show, Manchild in the Wasteland. Barton will be moving to Austin in the summer of 2007 and hopes to be of service to the Austin Theatre community.