Photo by ANGEL HESS.

Photo by ANGEL HESS.

SEASON 17 | MAY 2005

Lesbian & Gay History of the World, Vol. 2.

Written and Performed by Jade Esteban Estrada
Presented by the VORTEX & Vicarious Productions

“Don’t miss this show if you haven’t see it. You will be sorry. His slow-motion poetical movement of Billie Jean King winning the “Battle of the Sexes” was jaw-dropping. Estrada is a love-bestowing artist,a modern-day troubadour
— Bastienne Salners of the Prairie Sky Journal

"Part history lesson, part politics, part musical and all entertainment...with the donning of a wig and the beat of a drum, Estrada's shift in persona is complete, absolute -- and in some cases, radical," Jennifer Chung of the San Diego Daily Transcript The VORTEX and Vicarious Productions proudly announce the return of solo theatre star Jade Esteban Estrada in ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 2. "Comedy Central's 'Superman of Queer History' is back in Austin with ICONS Vol. 2, a sequel to celebrated solo musical" Latin pop recording artist Jade Esteban Estrada is the creator and the creation in the six-character solo musical.

Estrada digs deeper into the hearts of the movers and shakers of the gay history spotlight with his new characters for ICONS Vol. 2: Alexander the Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, Susan B. Anthony, Billie Jean King, Harvey Milk and 9/11 hero Mark Bingham. The musical is directed by David Miguel Estrada.

The New York Times calls him "hilarious" and the Richmond Times-Dispatch calls him a "master entertainer."

Winner of the 2004 Audience Favorite Award in Solo Performance at the Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival, the presentation is a sequel to the highly acclaimed production of ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1 which recently celebrated it's 112th performance in Omaha, Nebraska where Estrada portrayed the Greek poet Sappho, Italian painter Michelangelo, British playwright Oscar Wilde, writer Gertrude Stein, Stonewall rioter Sylvia Rivera an comedienne Ellen DeGeneres.

Who can get spanked by a dominatrix better than Jade Esteban Estrada? Most recently, known for his popular appearances on "The Graham Norton Effect" on Comedy Central, Estrada is also known as "the first gay Latin star" (Out Magazine), "the most exciting Latin pop artist ever to emerge on the music scene," (Florida Times-Union), "America's Prince of Pride," (NBC News) or just plain "Exquisite Jade" (The Advocate). However, Estrada is most respected for his one-man take on the lesbian and gay history of the world ("a hilarious whirlwind tour!" raves the New York Times), which has been touring since September 2002.

What they're saying:

  • The Dallas Morning News calls him "funny and irreverent."
  • "a master entertainer." - The Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • "Estrada is a chameleon..." - Chris Perez of the San Antonio Current.
  • "Fierce and uncompromising…Estrada is an energetic performer with charm and appeal."
  • "Bold and creative" - the Lincoln Journal Star
  • the Des Moines Register calls it "an important history lesson."
  • "One man, one show, one message," - Frank Conley of the Wayne Stater. Point Blank Des Moines calls Estrada "a superman of queer history.