Jo Beth Henderson. Photo by Tony Spielberg.

Jo Beth Henderson. Photo by Tony Spielberg.

SEASON 17 | JUNE 2005


ethos & the VORTEX


An Ethos Production Ethos, Austin's premiere avant-garde performance troupe, presents hOLe, and extraordinary performance installation occurring Tuesday nights over 9 consecutive weeks in The Yard at The VORTEX. Viewers may wish to view one or all of the performances. It is not necessary to have seen the previous episodes in order to enjoy one night. 16 tons of dirt and partial female nudity. Recommended for adults.

hOLe is a performance installation based on the discoveries of a fictitious archeologist, who in the Chihuahuan Desert in 1937, discovered the artifacts of a previously unknown pre-historic culture and cosmology. Each performer portrays a dark shaman from a different tribe who battle for control over a magickal well imbedded in a large crater.

hOle commandeers The Yard at The VORTEX, and Ethos invites spectators into a unique performance installation environment to view the Neolithic performance spectacle.


Michelle Fowler, Jo Beth Henderson, Betsy McCann, Melissa Vogt as the SHAMANS, and Selina Wright as The OLO

Production TEAM

Directed and conceived by Chad Salvata, scenic design by Ann Marie Gordon, Costumes and body paint by Aerin Holman, Poster photo by Kenneth Gall.


B. Iden Payne, Austin Critics’ Table 2005 Award Winner:
Outstanding Featured Actress in a Drama: Jo Beth Henderson

About Ethos

Ethos created the boundary-shattering performance installation, HyperZoo, the space musical review Pythia Dust (Winner of Austin Critics' Table Award for Best Original Score) the haunting Black Tower, the rockin' ritualistic The 13 Circles, and the award-winning cybernetic operas, Elytra and The X&Y Trilogy.

"Award for Unique Theatrical Experience"

Ethos is funded in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.