Dear George: Letters to the President

Presented by The VORTEX Repertory Company


Many say that this is the most important Presidential election of our lifetimes. The country is polarized with politically opposing views. Voter registration is up, and the political debates are raging all over the country. It's the home-stretch of the election. In these challenging times, VORTEX proudly offers a reading of Dear George: Letters to the President, a poignant, political play. VORTEX joins theatre companies from New York, California, Wyoming, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, and Alaska to present coast-to-coast readings of this play. VORTEX proudly presents the only reading of this piece in Bush's home state of Texas. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, theatre artist Marcus Woollen, of New York's West 50th Street Productions, gathered real letters from real Americans all over the country and then wove them into this moving, politically-charged theatrical piece: Dear George: Letters to the President. Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and political viewpoints, from all 50 states, wrote over 1500 open letters to President Bush. Submissions were evenly divided between those who approve and disapprove of President Bush. These letters to President George W. Bush have all been sent on to the White House.

Austin actors Karen Kuykendall, Mick D'arcy, Traci Laird, and Marc Pouhé perform the reading of the letters. VORTEX Producing Artistic Director, Bonnie Cullum, directs the reading.

Audience members arriving prior to 7:45 will be given opportunities to write their own letters to Mr. Bush. Some of these will be integrated into the performance, and all of these letters will be sent on to The White House.