Star Party Poster

Star Party Poster

SEASON 28 | MARCH 2016

Star Party

Presented by Electronic Planet Ensemble
Produced in association with The VORTEX


A new multi-media show inspired by Carl Sagan and the McDonald Observatory. Electronic Planet Ensemble takes us on a hypnotic journey to the stars as they rock The VORTEX with their unique blend of original music and video.


Melissa Vogt and Justin LaVergne (Vocals), Rachel Fuhrer (Drums), Chad Salvata (Synthesizers), and Sergio R. Samayoa (Bass).


Poetic text written by David Jewell with additional lyrics by Melissa Vogt. Video by Sergio R. Samayoa. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony.

ABOUT THE Electronic Planet Ensemble

Electronic Planet Ensemble is a multi-media art collective based in Austin, Texas. The first EPE project, Alien Experiments, debuted at The VORTEX in April 1996 and was soon followed by Atomic Experiments and Animal Experiments. Other projects in the late 1990’s include InCarNation, The Apocalytes, and The Tetragons. Electronic Planet Ensemble roared back to life in 2009 with Artistic Director, Sergio R. Samayoa’s return to Austin. The broad spectrum of new work includes the original multi-disciplinary pieces Voyager I and the Golden Record, RoBoVoX, The Chimponauts and the Mechanical Phantom, Viper Vixens of 2012, Planet of the Mermaids, Surfin’ U.F.O., and SPACEMAN:DADA:ROBOT. For two decades, Electronic Planet Ensemble has shaped the fabric of experimental multi-media art in Austin.

This project is funded and supported in part by VORTEX Repertory Company and by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.