Chad Salvata, Genevieve Salmon. Photo by Bonnie Cullum.

Chad Salvata, Genevieve Salmon. Photo by Bonnie Cullum.


The 13 Circles
A Demonic Goth-Rock Orgiastic Ritual

by The Ordyr of the Black Sun


Experience this unprecedented event: the performance of the notorious rite, The 13 Circles. Translated into English by Archangelo Vidori in the late 19th century, the priceless original text of this ritual was lost in the Great Storm of 1900 in Galveston. The only surviving copy has been resurrected by Xen Xeno and his followers, The New Ordyr of The Black Sun. Join in a Goth-Rock ritual. Live band, naked women, rock club setting.


Chad Salvata, Eryn Gettys, Jo Beth Henderson, Beth McMillan, and Genevieve Salmon Band includes: Matthew Patterson, Edmond Pantuliano, Alex Krigsfeld, Kenny Gall


Lighting Design by Jason Amato; Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon; Costume Design by Kari Perkins. Produced in association with VORTEX.