HyperZoo CD

HyperZoo CD

SEASON 13 | MAY 2001

EcoEmpires & Metamenageries
A Collection of Aristocracies

Presented by ethos in collaboration with the VORTEX


Cage 1: Aztec/Egypt: The Paradeiso of Divine Words
Historical Animals: Montezuma and Queen Nefertiti
Mythological Animal: Ouroborus
Biological Animal: hummingbird, peacock, scarab
Objects: lotus

Cage 2: The Parade of Splendid Disposal
Historical Animals: Nero and John D. Rockefeller
Mythological Animal: Griffin (upside-down)
Biological Animals: rhino, scorpion, dead swan
Objects: coins

Cage 3: The Holy Garden of Interrogation
Historical Animals:Tomas de Torquemada and Adolf Eichman
Mythological Animal: Chimera
Biological Animals: pelican, spider, octopus
Objects: dried red roses

Cage 4: The Aquatic Menagerie of One Rococo Door
Historical Animal: Louis XIV
Mythological Animal: Mermaid
Biological Animals: seahorse, crab, dragonfly
Objects: orchid

Cage 5: The Majestic Zoo of Dissection
Historical Animal: Queen Victoria
Mythological Animal: Sphinx
Biological Animals: monkey, owl, butterfly
Objects: prison bar


Austin Critics' Table Award