Awards Summary

Austin Arts Hall of Fame, Bonnie Cullum, 2009
Bold and Brave Award
3 "Best of Austin" Chronicle Awards for Best Director (Bonnie Cullum)
Best Avant-garde Theatre
Best Theatre Program for Kids (Summer Youth Theatre)
Best Theatre for Kids That Treats Kids Like Grown-ups (Summer Youth)
Best Shaper of New Worlds (Bonnie Cullum)
Best Dazzler (Jason Amato)
Best Place to Find the Theatrical Edge
Best Developing Entertainment District
Best Arts Venue That's Way Out There and Close to Home
City of Austin Cultural Contracts since 1990

B. Iden Payne & Austin Critics’ Table Awards

Awards for Production
Terminus (Production of a Drama)
Qualities of Starlight (Production of a Comedy)
The Commedia of Errors (Summer Youth Theatre)
Troades (Production of Musical Theatre)
Wake for the Dark Poet (Production of a Drama)
Twelfth Night ( with Sneck Up! Productions)
Machinal (Summer Youth Theatre)
Moby Dick (Summer Youth Theatre)

Awards for Directing
Rudy Ramirez: (Un)Documents
Rudy Ramirez: Terminus
Rudy Ramirez: Sing Muse (Direction of Musical Theatre)
Rudy Ramirez: Qualities of Starlight (Direction of a Comedy)
Bonnie Cullum: Sarah Silver Hands (Direction of Musical Theatre)
Matthew Patterson: The Commedia of Errors (Direction of a Play for Youth)
Chris Humphrey: AIR (Musical Direction)
Rudy Ramirez: The Physicists (Direction of a Play for Youth)
Bonnie Cullum: Troades (Direction of Musical Theatre)
Josh Meyer, Matt Hislope, and Carlos Travino: A Thought in Three Parts
Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope: Holes Before Bedtime
Bonnie Cullum: Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio (Direction of a Musical)
Bonnie Cullum: Moby Dick (Direction of a Play for Youth)
Bonnie Cullum: Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities (Direction of a Play for Youth)
Clay Towery: The Frogs (Direction of a Play for Youth)
Bonnie Cullum: King Lear (1st Choice Award)

Awards for Acting
Jesus I. Valles: (Un)Documents (Outstanding Lead Actor)
Jennifer Coy Jennings: Wild Horse (Outstanding Lead Actress)
Jennifer Coy Jennings: Wild Horses (Critics’ Table Award)
Jonathan Itchon: The Mikado: Reclaimed (Outstanding Featured Actor)
Jeffery 'DaShade' Johnson: Underground (Outstanding Lead Actor)
Jennifer Underwood: Terminus (Outstanding Lead Actress)
Jacques Colimon: Terminus (Outstanding Lead Actor)
Ebony Stewart: Hunger (Lead Actress)
Cara Canary: Terminus (Youth Actress)
Gricelda Silva: Changelings (Critics’ Table Award)
Gricelda Silva: Changelings (Lead Actress)
Travis Bedard: Changelings (Featured Actor)
Toby Minor: Qualities of Starlight (Lead Actor in a Comedy)
Content Love Knowles: Murder Ballad Murder Mystery (Featured Actress in Music Theater)
Josh Braun: The Physicist (Youth Actor)
Steven Fay: The Physicists (Supporting Actor in a Play for Youth)
Melissa Vogt: Vampyress (Lead Actress in a Musical)
Betsy McCann: Vampyress (Supporting Actress in a Musical)
Michelle Flanagan: Hamlet (Featured Actress)
Taylor Flanagan: The Visit (Youth Actress)
Kathleen Fletcher: Vitriol and Violets (Youth Actress)
Cole Wimpee: Holes Before Bedtime (Supporting Actor)
Jo Beth Henderson: hOle (Featured Actress)
Kirk Smith: Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio (Lead Actor in a Musical)
Stewart Johnson: Moby Dick (Lead Actor in a Play for Youth)
Elizabeth Doss: Moby Dick (Lead Actress in a Play for Youth)
Stephanie Swenson: Shopping and Fucking
Clay Towery: Shopping and Fucking
Rob Nash: The Holy Cross Quadrilogy (Valedictorian Award)
Stephanie Swenson: Fur (Lead Actress)
Martin Burke: Twelfth Night
Eric Porter: Steel Kiss (Featured Actor)
Patricia Wappner: The Baltimore Waltz (Lead Actress)
Matthew Patterson: The Baltimore Waltz (Supporting Actor/Multiple Roles)
Rob Nash: Rob Nash Does Romeo and Juliet (Lead Actor in a Comedy)
Awards for Small Cast Performance
Storm Still: Jennifer Coy Jennings, Andrea Smith and Amelia Turner

Awards for Ensemble Performance
Sing Muse: Chelsea Manasseri, Melissa Vogt, Jonathan Itchon, Hayley Armstrong, Laura Ray, Karen Rodriguez, Nikki Zook, Leslie Hollingsworth, Michelle Alexander, Aisha Melhem
Qualities of Starlight: Jennifer Underwood and Dennis Bailey
Sleeping Beauty: the Fae - Andy Agne, Dara Allen, Christina Childress, Jen Coy, Tamara Farley, Suzanne Balling, Krysta Gonzalez, Justin LaVergne, Chelsea Manasseri, Mindy Rast, Alejandro Rodriguez, Andrea Smith, and Steve Williams
Troades:  Content Love Knowles, Betsy McCann, Kira Parra, Mindy Rast, Emerald Mystiek, Ashley Edwards, Leigh Shaw
Dark Goddess: The Furies -Michelle Flanagan, Miriam Gould Robinson, Katrina Ellsworth
Wake for the Dark Poet: Betsy McCann & Melissa Vogt
Medea: Paula Gilbert, Wendy Goodwin, Regina Yunker, Betsy McCann

Awards for Original Score
Sing Muse: Chelsea Manasseri, Rudy Ramirez, Melissa Vogt, Michelle Alexander, Hayley Armstrong, Jennifer Coy, and Kyle Zamcheck
The Dragonfly Princess: Chad Salvata
Sleeping Beauty: Content Love Knowles
Vampyress: Chad Salvata
Pythia Dust: Chad Salvata
The Deluge: Kirk Smith
Faustus: Kirk Smith

Awards for Original Script
(Un)Documents: Jesus I. Valles
Wild Horses: Allison Gregory (David Mark Cohen New Play Award)
Terminus: Gabriel Jason Dean
Hunger: Ebony Stewart (David Mark Cohen New Play Award)
Underground: Lisa B. Thompson (David Mark Cohen New Play Award)
Qualities of Starlight: Gabriel Jason Dean
Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: Kirk Smith (David Mark Cohen New Play Award)
Sophomore Slump: Rob Nash

Awards for Dance Choreography
Hands Up Hoodies Down: Sadé Jones and Jesse Martinez
EARTH: Toni Bravo

Awards for Scenic Design
Performance Park: Ann Marie Gordon and Griffon Ramsey
Terminus: Ann Marie Gordon
Qualities of Starlight: Ann Marie Gordon
Sarah Silver Hands: Ann Marie Gordon
Sleeping Beauty: Ann Marie Gordon
St. Enid and the Black Hand: Ann Marie Gordon
The Deluge: Ann Marie Gordon
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Ann Marie Gordon

Awards for Lighting Design
Terminus: Patrick Anthony
WATER: Jason Amato
Sleeping Beauty: Jason Amato
Troades: Jason Amato
Trickster: Jason Amato
Ghost From a Perfect Place: Jason Amato
Sleeping Beauty: Jason Amato
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Jason Amato
The Deluge: Jason Amato
Panoptikon: Jason Amato
Triskelion: Jason Amato
Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities: Jason Amato
Fur: Jason Amato

Awards for Sound Design
Terminus: David DeMaris
:Humpty: Chad Salvata
Oceana: Roy Taylor
Dark Goddess '04: Ensemble
Medea: Edmund Pantuliano & Blaine Indemaio
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Kirk Smith & Ken Burchenal
The X&Y Trilogy: Chad Salvata
Machinal: Chad Salvata
Faustus: Kirk Smith

Awards for Costume Design
Dark Goddess '02: Kari Perkins
Triskelion: Chad Salvata and Andrea Lauer

Additional Awards
Performance Park: Bonnie Cullum (The Dream Come True Award)
Performance Park (The Mount Everest Award)
Performance Park: Melissa Vogt as Baba Yaga (The Good Enough to Eat Award)
Performance Park: Bonnie Cullum (The Future of Theatre Award)
Terminus: Helen Parish (Outstanding Props)
Qualities of Starlight: Helen Parish (Outstanding Props)
Hands Up/Hoodies Down (Awards for Special Theatrical Event)
Bell(e): The Museum of Suicide Machinery (Awards for Special Theatrical Event)
Black Blood (Award for Multi-Media)
Changelings (Awards for Excellence in Puppetry)
Wake for the Dark Poet (Awards for Excellence in Puppetry)
Whatever; Heather Woodbury(Award for Touring Production)
The X&Y Trilogy, an epic series of cybernetic operas (Alpha Omega Award)
The X&Y Trilogy (Artistic Commitment Award)