season 31 | 2018-19

September 13-28, 2019 | ethos
Story by Melissa Vogt, Original Score by Chad Salvata, Directed by Bonnie Cullum
A dark and humorous tale about the secret lives of nursery rhyme characters, conveyed through a multi-disciplinary montage of original music, dance, mime, video, puppetry, shadow play, and spectacle.

season 32 | 2019-20
My Body, My Voice, My Vote

October 3-5, 2019 | Mistress of Musicality & VORTEX

Dionysus in America
October 11-20, 2019 | Canopy Theatre
By Jenny Pacanowsky, Directed by Karen Alvarado
American Dionysian Rites in the age of TSA checkpoints.

AVA Fest
October 18-20, 2019
Austin Veteran Arts Festival: city-wide celebration unifying veterans and their communities. Featuring Dionysus in America. 

Salvador Dali’s Naked Feast: VORTEX Annual Fundraising Extravaganza
Saturday, October 26, 2019 (Adults only, please.)

Regulated More Than a Gun: VORTEX Reading Series
Sunday, November 3, 2019 | Lighthouses August 11 and September 29
Created by Cressandra Thibodeaux, Directed by Bonnie Cullum
A new play empowering women through personal stories and songs of Reproductive Justice. #YouKnowMe

Más Cara
November 1-16, 2019 | Avante Theatre Project & The VORTEX
By Krysta Gonzales, Directed by Rudy Ramirez
A new play exploring the complexities and contradictions of Latina womanhood through Goddesses who interweave the archetypes to create a vision for our daughters and all the women who come after. 

FuturX Festival
November 6-10, 2019 | Avante Theatre Project & The VORTEX
2nd Annual Festival of new and avant-garde Latinx performance exploring intersections of Latinx identity in the 21st century. Featuring Más Cara.

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein
November 22-December 14, 2019 | Different Stages
Adapted by Patrick Stanford, Directed by Norman Blumensaadt
What is humanity? Classic story of a young scientist and his unorthodox experiment. Every word in Patrick Sandford's vigorous adaptation is lifted directly from Mary Shelley's classic Gothic novel.

The Muttcracker (SWEET!)
December 19-January 5, 2020 | Circus Chickendog & The VORTEX 
By Melissa Vogt, Darren Petersen, and Tyler Mabry, Directed by Melissa Vogt
9th Annual Holiday Family Fun Circus with talented rescue canines, world-class juggling, live music, and a talking macaw.

January 17- February 8, 2020
By Jacqueline Goldfinger, Directed by Rudy Ramirez
One click can change your life. This fast, bright, darkly humorous play follows a group of college students involved in a frat rape that goes viral. It's a unique theatrical thriller that explores questions of consent, technology and identity. #metoo

MLK Day Poetry
Monday, January 20, 2020 

Salvaging Utopia
February 13-15, 2020 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and Performed by Annie Danger
San Francisco-based, transgender artist Annie Danger reframes our current pivot point into energy and action.

OUTsider Fest
February 19-23, 2020
6th Annual festival celebrating the bold originality and creative nonconformity of the LGBTQ+ communities through provocative multi-disciplinary arts.

good friday
February 28-March 7, 2020 | New Manifest Theatre Company & The VORTEX
By Kristiana Rae Colón, Directed by Simone Alexander
#metoo feminism intersects with gun violence and sexual assault. Mature Audiences only.

March 26-April 4, 2020 | Ethos World Premiere & The VORTEX
By Rembert Block, Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Featuring Rembert and the Basic Goodness
A musical exploration of the Selfie on the edge. What do we find when we unwind the moments leading to a potential Selfie-cide...and can we reverse course before it’s too late? #metoo

Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven
April 11-May 2, 2020 | The VORTEX
By Reina Hardy, Directed by Rudy Ramirez
Somewhere in the vastness of the Universe, the Library of Heaven, an incredibly old and powerful collection of the knowledge of countless civilizations, waits for the beings of Planet Earth to make contact. 

May 6-9, 2020 | GenEnCo & The VORTEX
Written and performed by kt shorb, Directed by Katherine Wilkinson
A play with dancers--about queerness and desire.

Game on, Game off, Game over...
May 14-16, 2020 | Diverse Space Dance Theatre & The VORTEX
Choreography by Toni Bravo

Bite Me!
May 22-30, 2020 | CB Goodman Productions
Created by Aitor Basauri, Hilary Chaplain, CB Goodman
Two aging idiots attempt to retell Snow White from the female point of view in hopes to prove that sex and wrinkles don't matter when it comes to the best parts. 

For the GOODofALL
June 5-20, 2020 | Glass Half Full
Written and directed by Caroline Reck
A woman who thinks she is Jane Goodall, primate scientist, tries to assassinate a supreme court justice. This timely new play investigates mental illness and sexual assault as traits shared by human and primate societies. #Metoo

Mr. Burns: a post electric play
July 24-August 1, 2020 | VORTEX Summer Youth Theatre
By Anne Washburn, Directed by Jennifer Jennings
Our collapsing post-industrial society spans 100 years into the future, as survivors piece together, from memory, "The Simpsons’ Cape Feare” episode.

Romeo and Katrina
August 7-15, 2020 | Color Arc Productions Workshop & VORTEX
A new musical by Christine Hoang and Tyler Mabry | Directed by Rudy Ramirez
A post-Katrina love story centered on two unlikely lovers from the Vietnamese blue-collar and black upper-class communities of New Orleans.

Inter-sectional Voters’ Rights and Registration Social
Saturday, August 22, 2020
100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution