SEASON 22 press

08.27.10 B-boy bluez; Austin Chronicle Review
Zell Miller III makes the four corners of hip-hop come together in the theatre

06.02.10 The Wife Of Bath’s Tale At The Vortex; DO512 Review
a fresh take on Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic tale from the Middle Ages and the results are incredibly fresh, intoxicating, and highly hilarious.

06.01.10 ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale; Austin 360 Review
‘Things never change, do they?’ asks an effervescent woman in an oversized hat as she browses through the Cliff Notes to Chaucer?s ?The Canterbury Tales.’

04.30.10 Sleeping Beauty; Austin Chronicle Review
The strength of Vortex's original musical adaptation is in its imagination

04.01.10 Audio Interview with Sleeping Beauty's Prince, Princess, musical director, and Artistic Director; KOOP Radio's Off Stage and On the Air

03.31.10 Vortex production re-imagines 'Sleeping Beauty'; Austin 360 interview with Bonnie Cullum

03.30.10 Audio Interview with Sleeping Beauty's cast and director; KUT Radio's Arts Eclectic

02.12.10 ‘Arrhythmia’; Austin 360 Review
What is love? Writer Zell Miller III ponders that question in “Arrhythmia,” his newest piece of hip-hop performance theater now getting its debut at Vortex.

02.04.10 Tim Miller Preaches to the Choir; Austin Chronicle Review

01.27.10 Tim Miller's 'Lay of the Land' challenge same-sex marriage ban; Austin 360 Interview with Tim Miller

01.15.10 Sufrin' UFO; Austin Chronicle Review
Another blast of otherworldly wonder and weirdness from Electronic Planet Ensemble

10.30.09 Murder Ballad Murder Mystery; Austin Chronicle Review
You'll be hard-pressed to find a riskier production in Austin this year than this strange string of ballads and mysteries

08.28.09 The Dragonfly Queen; Austin Chronicle Review
Return to Mala's world