03.31.2018 Performance Park Takes Over the Vortex Austin Chronicle Review
Bonnie Cullum's dream wakes the Tarot into life in her company's immersive theatrical experience

03.30.2018 Immersive, interactive ‘Performance Park’ is unlike anything else in Austin theater
if you want to lose yourself in a magical carnival, made up of exploration and a personal philosophical journey couched in metaphorical games and quests, then it is truly something to experience.

02.02.18 Austin Chronicle Review of GenEnCo's 893 | Ya-ku-za
This suspenseful two-hander serves up tension in its silences as much as its words

01.31.18 BWW Review: 893 | YA-KU-ZA
An Intriguing Look Into Crime Syndicate World

01.31.18 CTX Review: 893/Ya-Ku-Za by Vortex Repertory Theatre
it works at maintaining a level of tension comparable to that you achieve when a cobra is dropped into a box with a mongoose.

01.16.18 BWW Review: The Way She Spoke: A Docu-Mythologica

01.12.18 Play about Juarez murders – and how we react to such stories – challenges audiences at the Vortex
Rodriguez and Ramirez plumb those depths with great skill and empathy, crafting a performance that is powerful, thought-provoking, and a fundamentally resonant call to action for its audience.

01.26.2018 Isaac Gomez's drama made us remember the lost women of Juárez
Once we heard their names their full humanity was thrust in our faces, and the tragedies of these women became intensely personal.

12.01.2017 Wild Horses Austin Chronicle Review
This staging of Allison Gregory's new play takes you back to your 13th summer with all its freedom and fear

12.01.2017 Feats of bareback storytelling in Allison Gregory’s “Wild Horses”
Wild Horses” is a visceral reminiscence. The drama doesn’t stem from whether the narrator will be alright – she’s here with us in the living present. Instead, she is a returner able to transport the audience back into her unorganized reaches of her past.

10.19.2017 The Vortex’s bloody ‘Vampyress’ is an adults-only Halloween treat
There is a seed of dark and violent beauty, and Salvata’s opera leaves its audience disturbed, aroused and more than a little afraid.

10.13.2017 Vampyress, Austin Chronicle Review
Chad Salvata's gothic opera is the perfect treat for the season of ghouls, sensual and spooky

10.04.2017 Vampyress, Statesman Review
The Vortex’s bloody ‘Vampyress’ is an adults-only Halloween treat

09.15.2017 ‘Storm Still’ explores family dynamics through one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies; Austin 360 Review
What is most impressive... they remain true to the core of the sister they portray, creating layers of performative nuance that further blur the distinction between reality and fantasy.'