SEASON 25 press

08.27.13 Sing Muse; Austin360 Review
How do we find the space to listen for inspiration in an era of so much technological chatter?

08.16.13 A Raisin in the Sun; Austin Chronicle Review
UpRise! Productions' revival of a trailblazing drama

06.07.13 Qualities of Starlight; Austin360 Review
Dean’s play and the exceptional performances of this production’s cast cultivate a verisimilitude that can’t be overlooked.

05.10.13 The Chimponauts and the Mechanical Phantom; Austin Chronicle Review
It may help to know sci-fi B-movies, but this space spoof by Electronic Planet Ensemble is silly fun for everyone

04.01.13 EARTH; Austin American Statesman Review
The sensory experience, as with all Vortex Repertory Company productions, transports the viewer to another world.

03.29.13 EARTH; Austin Chronicle Review
Vortex Repertory Company's ritualistic celebration of earth may make you want to dig your toes into the dirt

01.18.13 Elizabeth Heart of a Queen; Austin Chronicle Review
Lorella Loftus' ambitious new bio-play boasts strong performances by the three women portraying the Virgin Queen

11.30.12 You Can't Take It With You; Austin Chronicle Review
Director Mick D'Arcy warms an old chestnut at the Vortex

11.02.12 Heather Woodbury's 'As the Globe Warms'; Austin Chronicle Review
Woodbury's latest solo stage epic is a beautiful experiment in soap opera meets PSA