SEASON 23 press

06.03.11 Lear; Austin Chronicle Review
The flashy modern setting takes priority over Shakespeare's text in this update

05.27.11 Lear; Arts Eclectic Interview

05.24.11 Review 'Lear'; Austin 360
Swapping a queen for a king and a sister for a son, Ramirez foregrounds gender roles without letting them consume the production.

03.01.11 interview on AIR; Arts Eclectic

01.21.11 Planet of the Mermaids; Austin Chronicle Review
A hot band plays cool music for a wild sci-fi film that may or may not be a put-on

12.17.10 Culture Flash! Vortex Receives Grant for Sarah Silverhands; Austin Chronicle

11.02.10 Vampyress; Review
Blood and nudity can't take away from the beauty of this dark opera