SEASON 20 press

06.20.08 Beauty Queen of Leenan; Austin Chronicle Review
This Beauty Queen is harsh but effective, gritty as a sandpaper shamrock

04.16.08 The Last Days of Desmond"Nani" Reese; Austin Chronicle Review
Heather Woodbury's new solo show about a 108-year-old fallen woman humanizes strippers and storytellers, whores and academics

03.28.08 Troades; Austin Chronicle Review
This new adaptation of The Trojan Women is fueled by an earnestness that is the show's blessing and its curse

03.24.08 ‘Troades’; Austin360 Review

01.18.08 Beirut; Austin Chronicle Review
Vortex's revival confronts issues of the body – as object, as weapon, and as prison – head on

11.20.07 The Neovaginal Monologues: Tales of Transformation; Austin Chronicle Review
UT RTF professor Sandy Stone takes the stage to tell stories from the lives of transgendered individuals

09.21.07 Accidental Death of an Anarchist; Austin Chronicle Review
Staging of Fo's farce never quite musters the urgent lunacy of its Looney Tunes inspiration

08.31.07 Dragonfly Princess; Austin Chronicle Review
ethos' opera The Dragonfly Princess takes us down a dark path of intrigues, heresy, power struggles, and death