SEASON 19 press

07.27.07 The Wyrd Sisters; Austin Chronicle Review
The Vortex's 2007 Summer Youth Theatre showcases more talented youth with Terry Pratchett's lighthearted, adventurous Wyrd Sisters

06.01.07 Wallace Shawn's 'A Thought in Three Parts': The author approves; Austin Chronicle

05.18.07 A Thought in Three Parts; Austin Chronicle Review
In staging Wallace Shawn's famously unproduced and pornographic A Thought in Three Parts, it'd be so easy to stumble or misjudge, but Rubber Repertory has gotten almost everything stunningly right.

03.23.07 Hamlet; Austin Chronicle Review
Vortex Repertory Company's new production of Shakespeare's Hamlet has a strong contemporary feel...

01.19.07 Trickster; Austin Chronicle Review
Vortex Repertory Company's latest production, about those weaselly mythological misfits who pull pranks and break rules, Trickster, is an extravaganza

12.15.06 Rob Nash, Bedford Falls by way of television city; Austin Chronicle
Austin solo performer Rob Nash is moving to Los Angeles, and as a parting Christmas gift, he's created a holiday special that never was

12.01.06 Finding Hope ... in Bed!; Austin Chronicle Review
Tim Miller's latest trip to Austin finds the noted performance artist optimistic about being gay

11.03.06 Ring Rip Rent; Austin Chronicle Review
Showing us a future where women who have violated society's sexual mores are confined, classified, and treated