09.23.05 Phaedra's Love; Austin Chronicle Review
'Phaedra's Love' is not for the prudish eye, what with its incest, murder, rape, and graphic scenes that require splash guards

07.22.05 Getting Kids Into the Act; Austin Chronicle
Curtain up on GRRL Action and Vortex Summer Youth Theatre

07.15.05 To be Continued; Austin Chronicle Review
Something about 'hOle,' a new live theatrical serial in nine episodes, is bringing folks back to the Vortex every Tuesday night of this long, hot summer

03.25.05 Sleeping Beauty; Austin Chronicle Review
'Sleeping Beauty' shows the company in a playful mood, delivering a musical adaptation that is fanciful, lighthearted, and disarmingly sweet.

03.11.05 Working Beauty: An Interview with Bonnie Cullum; Austin Chronicle

01.28.05 St. Enid and the Black Hand; Austin Chronicle Review
an archetypal family enacts a fairy tale with many-layered meanings

12.24.04 A Christmas Carol Roasting on an Open Fire; Austin Chronicle Review
Nash adds a clever curve to the holiday tale, matching Hollywood stars with Dickens' familiar characters