SEASON 14 press

11.29.02 Medea: If Looks Could Kill; Austin Chronicle Review
The feast for the eyes includes Loftus' use of four actresses to share the title role, as well as play the Chorus.

07.26.02 Moby Dick: Study of Mortality in Blue and White; Austin Chronicle
You never see the sea in the Vortex Repertory Company's new stage adaptation of Moby Dick, but you sense it around you and under you...

07.19.02 Moby's Play: Kirk Smith on Bringing Melville's Whale to the Stage; Austin Chronicle; Interview with Kirk Smith

07.07.02 12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Family; Austin Chronicle Review
This is the play to attend with that family member who impersonates you best.

05.31.02 The Music of Erica Zann: That Way Lies Madness; Austin Chronicle Review
Entering is akin to falling into a fever dream, a hallucinatory state in which you're overwhelmed by strange visions and a palpable sense of anxiety and apprehension.