SEASON 13 press

12.28.01 Rob Nash Does Romeo and Juliet: The Power of One; Austin Chronicle Review
He shifts smoothly from character to character, sometimes instantly, sometimes after a slow turn for shifting's emphasis, and his skill in doing this is obviously beside the point.

09.14.01 The Deluge: Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain; Austin Chronicle Review
... highly imagistic and poetic, with live music -- complementing the cool, wetness of the environment and the gentle storytelling.

05.08.01 Twelfth Night: Gently Into that Good Night; Austin Chronicle Review
if you wondered what kind of stage director Faires might be, waste no time and pick up tickets for this last weekend of his elegant, understated (with a few hilarious exceptions) labor of love

03.21.01 Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities: Immediate, Raw, Raw Storytelling; Austin Chronicle Review
Kirk Smith has pulled the disparate parts of Dickens' long, tortuously wrought plot together with a mix of verve and passion, intimacy and grandeur.

03.09.01 Radio Radio; Austin Chronicle