SEASON 12 press

09.08.00 Elytra: New Synthesis; Austin Chronicle Review
He's clearly dealing with issues of death and regeneration, creation, power and control...

07.29.00 The Frogs: Awkward Bawdy; Austin Chronicle Review
And prance these young actors do, with all the glorious energy and presence of youth, and all the slickness of a well-trained troupe

07.14.00 And You Come From Where ...?: Where Did the Love Go?; Austin Chronicle Review
I haven't told anyone yet. I didn't want to jinx it, but I fell in love this weekend...

05.26.00 Fractured Greeks: Great Deeds, Human Follies; Austin Chronicle
Every year the Vortex Workshop brings together local actors to "train, play, work, write, experiment, and perform together."

03.31.00 Heaving Shadows at the Skin Show; Austin Chronicle Review
Within the dark, funny realm of her ultra-revealing Heaving Shadows at the Skin Show, Fix manages to combine her endless influences into a pleasantly chaotic fairy tale straddling harsh realism and the giddiest dreaminess.

03.17.00 The Apocalytes & the Tetragons: Psychic Blasts and Undulating Bodies; Austin Chronicle
With the hyper-stylized, absurdist, nudity-rich videos looming behind them, Electronic Planet Ensemble, churned out loud, rockin' electronica to accompany the action.

02.18.00 Dark Goddess: Remembrance of Deities Past; Austin Chronicle Review
Not just a theatrical performance; it's a spellbinding ritual bringing together goddesses from the far reaches of the world

01.14.00 Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Grooving Among the Shreds of Shadow; Austin Chronicle Review
It's the waking dreamscape of a lonely, abandoned man capering through the confines of a house as jumbled and tattered as the ruins of his mind...