SEASON 27 | april 2015

Heaven or Not

Directed by Toni Bravo and Choreography by Michael Jahoda

"What if heaven was actually an eternal discotheque trapped in perpetual springtime?"
“What if we needed to look beyond to see inside?”
“How do we know whether we need to be saved or we need to flee?”
“How do we stay connected if we fear that ties might bind or that ties might break”
“If heaven is all love, why don’t we turn all that surrounds us into heaven?

Choreography by Michael Jahoda, from Rotterdam ("EPISODE 16 - HEAVEN" Reworked excerpts from The Phillip Project Series) and new works by DSDT director Toni Bravo (Choreographed in/for Dublin, Berlin and Austin) Music by Erin Ivey, Jess Klein, Temple Underground, and Russ Smith.