Jo Beth Henderson and Kira Parra

Jo Beth Henderson and Kira Parra


an alternative world music and video mythos

By Chad Salvata & Jo Beth Henderson
an ethos production in association with VORTEX


Award-winning artists Chad Salvata and Jo Beth Henderson have created the newest ethos adventure, Xephyra, an alternative world music and video mythos. This non-traditional performance is presented with video images and live music. The extraordinary vocals are performed in an imaginary language of a mythic tribal island world.

Xephyra, a warrior of the Blue Orchid tribe, journeys on her quest to find her husband, Warrior, who has not returned from the Island Wars. Along the way, she is joined by Terra, a sea siren. They are hunted by monster birds, battle shark mermaids, and slay the kaleidoscope octopus. Will they find Warrior and return safely home?

Xephyra features the vocal and performance talents of Jo Beth Henderson and Kira Parra. With live music performed by Chad Salvata, Tyler Mabry, and Rachel Fuhrer. Live video creation and mixing by Sergio R. Samayoa. Lighting design by Patrick Anthony. Sound design by Roy Taylor.

Xephyra is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division.