What's So Funny?
The Ridiculously Hilarious Family-Friendly Sketch Show!

What do talkative eggplants, dancing teddy bears, cream-cheese/raisin bread sandwiches, outrageously fabulous hats, silent rubber chickens, unhappy garden gnomes, and a magic tuna casserole have in common? They’re all part of the seamless and relentless tour-de-farce of pathos and hilarity that answers the eternal question: WHAT’S SO FUNNY?

Bring the entire kit and kaboodle--children, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles—and everyone else you love ages 4-104 and enjoy the perfect family activity for the holidays, the side-splitting premiere of Founding/Artistic Director Reppy's newly-formed production company, CrystalSwordFish TheatreWorks!

Featuring the best and most beloved sketches from playwright/director Reppy's award-winning interactive music/comedy show, ROMP! and her fabulous summer youth theatre, Courageous Comedy Camp, plus some brand-new never-before-seen material written especially for this amazing group of incredibly talented young actors (ages 7-15), and some special surprise guests! Find out WHAT’S SO FUNNY? As you enjoy savvy and sophisticated sketch comedy that is completely family-friendly and of course, ridiculously hilarious! (WARNING: Do not attend this show unless you want to be happier, more charismatic, and better-looking afterwards than you were when you came in.)